Roy Everett

Tribute Show

May 5, 2018

We paid homage to Roy Everett who served as PCS president from 1995 to 2018 with a special show dedicated to his memory.

The tribute show began with a video of Roy's life, followed by presentations by Senator Chris Connors. Senator Diane Allen, and  Waretown Councilman Ken Baulderstone. The presentations were followed by the renaming of the Albert Hall stage as the Roy Everett stage.

As president, Roy ran the Hall for 23 years. During that time, he designed the Albert Hall building and the porch stage set and was involved in all aspects of construction throughout those years. He was also the webmaster and the bands booking manager.

The show included 18 bands playing 10 minutes each.

Performing that night were:

North Country,  Redbird,  Circle Around the Sun, 

Randy Bailey & Friends,  George Zeo & Family, 

Michael Patrick & Friends,  Ladies Night Out, 

Acoustic Thunder,  Whiskers & the Bluegrass Lovers,  Homemade Jam,  Lisa Scherma & Guy Michetti, 

M & M,  Elaine & the Cimarron Sky Band, 

O'Neill & Martin,  Basement Musicians, 

Chops & Friends,  Libby Prison Minstrels, 

Mike Edgerton & Friends.

(Photos by PCS photographer, Dan Dugan)


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Photos by Dan Dugan, Elaine Everett, Chrissy Braun  & Joe Zugcic