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Pinelands Cultural Society

Executive Board & Committee Chairpersons

The Pinelands Cultural Society Board is committed to preserving the music, history, culture, folklore and people of the Jersey Pines.

Meet the board....

President- Danielle Marrone

Hi Friends,

For those who do not know me, I have served the PCS since

2016. Starting with taking the reins of the newsletter from

Roy when he decided he wanted to stop, later volunteering

in both the snack and gift booths. As the Hall’s archivist,

my responsibilities were to organize and digitize the items in

our vast archives, also to write the PCS/Albert Hall history

book. I have served on the board for the last 6 years, the last

three as 1st Vice President. It’s also been a privilege to

perform on the stage as Redbird for the last 7 years.

Being able to see all sides of the spectrum has proven to be

blessing and has afforded me the chance to see all

sides of the PCS/Albert Hall through different “windows”. 

I have always felt a connection here and have always been

committed to preserving our past, however, it’s the

comradery, togetherness, friendship and scene of

community that always calls me back. I’ve said a thousand times, Albert Hall is not a building,

it cannot be held within four walls, it's the feeling you leave with at the end of the night.


We welcome each and every one of you to be a part of our history and invite you to
“Come on down to Waretown” every Saturday night for the best country, bluegrass, folk,
americana, old timey and Pinelands music this side of the Mason-Dixon Line, always!


1st Vice President- Brian Hansen


I’ve lived in Waretown all my life, and my family goes back
generations. As a young boy I have fond memories of going

to Joe’s cabin, feeding the deer, also playing with Joe’s

hounds and listening to the music. When they started playing

at the first Hall, my mother Joan Hansen and Aunt Emily

Ahearn started volunteering. After the fire and the new

building was built, I started volunteering and have been

here ever since.

2nd Vice President/Ways & Means- Helen Exel


I joined Albert Music Hall the last few weeks of our

performances being outside. I was new
to the area and saw the signs for Albert Hall. I called to see if
they needed volunteers and here I am, selling admission
tickets, holding a position on the board and making new

friends every week.

Aside from Albert Music Hall, I am a

member of the Lacey Elks and Lanoka Harbor First Aid

Squad and my greatest passion of all is directing in

Community Theater. Albert Music Hall is my Zen place.
There is no other place I would rather be on a Satu
rday night!

Treasurer- Melody Lorenzen

 My name is Melody Lorenzen and my husband, Hans, and I

used to go to concerts in Hunterdon County, where we used

to live, and we heard Travis Wetzel play. That was it and we

were hooked. We moved to Toms River in 1999 and someone
told us about Albert Hall, we were still following Wetzel and

found out he would play there as well. We used to go on

Saturday night and we would see Michael Patrick, Elaine &

the Cimarron Sky, Basement musician, etc. Some of the

singers changed and we would try to go as often as possible.

It was something we looked forward to, couldn’t beat those

hot dogs and music. One Saturday they asked for anyone who

would like to volunteer and I thought that would be nice and

it make us go more often. So, a year ago I volunteered to work

the snack booth and then they needed someone to be the

treasurer and decided to help there as well. It is a great

place to be, enjoy music, and see so many people each week,

volunteering; enjoying music; and helping some students

get scholarships what more could you ask for.

Melody-small 3_edited.jpg

Recording Secretary- Barbara Paskin

When I became active in our local music community, it was

always my dream to be able to play at Albert Music Hall. My

first time playing there was in 2017, and I have been

fortunate enough to play there every year since then, with

different groups of musicians. It is absolutely one of the most

exciting, special places to play in the area, with the most
fantastic audience. I became a member of the executive board

of Albert Music Hall in 2020 as recording secretary, a position

that I hold now. I am also the chairman of Scholarship

Committee, a job that I truly enjoy since I was a school

counselor at Asbury Park High School for many years.

Corresponding Secretary- Chrissy Marrone

My mom and I discovered Albert Hall in the early 2000s.

She was a long time Ocean County Resident and loved live

music. For years we would go on Saturday nights to hear our

favorite musicians, and we always went to celebrate my son’s

birthday every August. I grew up in Englishtown and for a

short time we had a wonderful music hall and we went to

every show, this sparked my love for folk and bluegrass.

I got to meet Lester Flatt and many other remarkable

musicians. Now all these years later I never would have

thought that I would one day be playing on the Albert Music

Hall stage, let alone be part of the board for this amazing,

special place.

Public Relations- Kelly Kehr

Back in 2013 I was led to Albert music hall by what I like to

call "Divine intervention." Once I stepped on the property I

knew I was home. I volunteered right away in the gift booth

50-50, and was recording secretary on the board for a year.

However, My heart for Albert musical hall goes back to when

I was 10 and my dad took me to see Eddie Conners, now

ln 2023, I again returned to serve, and I'm committed to

helping insure the Legacy, culture and music continue into

the future.

General Welfare- Ruth Ann Knoll

I started going to Albert Hall after getting divorced and

searching out music that had a feel-good feel. I needed a

place to re-start my social life that wasn't necessarily like a

bar (worked in bars as a DJ many years), but had home grown

music so to speak. I was exposed to Bluegrass as a kid in Pa.

and that always felt like home. The harmonies, and gospely

feel and also a bit of folk and rock to make my experience

complete. Back in the 70’s & 80’s my Mom and her husband

used to go to the 'hall" on rt9 and enjoyed all the older

performers from then including Merce Ridgeway. It was a

regular place/hangout of theirs. I'm so happy I've kept

coming back and now volunteer which provides a 

"community" for me with a purpose. And the added benefit of
meeting great people and making better friends.

Operations- John Rozinski

I first attended a show at AMH in 2016 to listen to some

friends play on stage. I was hooked after that. Shortly

thereafter, as co-founder of an acoustic duo, we were

performing regularly on the AMH stage for the next four
years. For a while I also tended to the needs of the physical
building by meeting contractors, inspectors and misc. repair
people and really got to see all that is involved in keeping the
building in good shape. Since then, I have switched gears
scheduling hosts and sometimes hosting shows. Since our

outside shows in 2020 and our post covid return to the Hall,

I have been acting as sound board operator, and recently

started sharing those duties with two other talented people.

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